Miss Flapper was born from the family roots of its designer Sonia: a ‘women only’ family.

Nonna (Granma) Wanda, a woman from the 30s, passed on her passion for fabric quality, elegance, style, attention to originality and non-homologation to ‘the flock’.

Mum Maria Pia passed on the love for gentleness, and taught Sonia to walk through her illnesses, first of all cancer, which lasted 22 onerous years, and brought her life to an end.

After Miss Flapper started designing and sewing bags, hats and millinery, and then evolved into the current collection of turbans, the need to design and produce for the contemporary woman, mixed with Sonia’s personal history with her mum, and her previous career as a social worker, naturally made the Miss Flapper Collections also evolve towards something linking fashion and social-health themes: women going through chemotherapy.

Chemo is sadly a dark moment in a woman’s existence, where we have to face a big, negative physical change caused by operations and treatments. The pain and fatigue of this period are also connected to the psychological experience of not finding ourselves in the mirror anymore, some sort of ‘loss of ourselves’.

Miss Flapper decided her turbans would be a tool for these women, and started designing and sewing a specific collection with special fabrics and cuts, thought for those women with highly sensible skin.

We want to tell women going through chemo that they can feel special, like always, like ‘before’, despite the changes and the difficulties they are going through, wrapping them in vibrant, happy colours, and trying to ease, if possible, the awkwardness and difficult moment of the inevitable hair loss.

Our collections range from basic to luxury, maintaining the Miss Flapper’s quality, and every turban is bespoke and designed to bring a bit of happiness to its new owner.

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