Wanda was a Flapper, a strong woman, a fighter. She was fearless.

She dared to get a bob haircut, shortening her dresses while listening and dancing to the Charleston… Every Sunday was a ritual, a dressing up ritual.

Sonia was a little girl loved to wear Wanda ́s clothes, her jewels, her long gloves, and to do her hair the way she liked it.

That little girl adored Wanda ́s turbans, the red lipstick, the pearls…She simply adored HER.

Today, Sonia creates forms and accessories with the same adoration and passion she had for her grandmother Wanda, her pearls and her lipsticks.

That little girl has now grown into “Miss Flapper”. Creating these accessories takes me back to the places I loved as a child.  To the atmosphere and style that were always with me and still influence my creations, to gift ‘a little bit of Wanda’ to every woman wearing a Miss Flapper accessory.

It is my wish that the love and dedication I put into every garment will give you the same sense of timeless wonder.